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Hello, and welcome to the beginning of something important. We view EOS Foundation as a container for facilitating code, capital, and connections in ways which haven’t been available so far for EOS Mainnet community.

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An autonomous, descentralized, non-profit organization that will enable the EOS community represent and promote itself for the good of the many talented and dedicated actors of the EOS community.


As seen on many other blockchains, a foundation is a vital part of the descentralized nature of this technology. We cannot leave many oportunities arise, move based on sheer luck and end up being wasted on opportunistic endeavours.


The first step is to raise you hand and be proud of your work. Join the list of contributors to the EOS ecosystem, add or validate your known project. Be part of the initial group of Advisor and Genesis Steward Candidates who can help steer this project forward to a fully-launched DAO.

Add or Validate Your Project

Recognizing those in the community who got us here

Value Reciepts

A non fungible token that enable recognition of good actors in the development of not only software but also the community as a whole. A badge of honor for your effort and work.


As a member you will be part, either by vote or acting as a custodian, of the decisions of the EOS Foundation. Feel free to reach out and be part of this new step for the EOS community.

“If you know what matters to you, it’s easier to know where to go. Let’s recognize the people and projects we value to make sure we move forward with purpose”.

Edgar Fernández
EOS Costa Rica

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